Assured Pregnancy Test Walmart

Assured Pregnancy Test Walmart availability is limited to You can’t expect to find the product inside Walmart stores.

Assured Pregnancy Test Walmart

In some ways, regard as an Amazon-like website. Third-party sellers sell on the platform, giving users access to products that Walmart doesn’t sell.

Being from a third-party seller, however, means that you should have different expectations regarding Beware, however, that the Assured Pregnancy Tests sold on that site come from third-party sellers, not from Walmart.

If you don’t want to buy the Assured Pregnancy Test from Walmart, get it from Amazon using our link. You can take advantage of your Amazon Prime membership and get an excellent price. Best of all, you will check out directly with Amazon, sharing no information with CPG Health.

What Pregnancy Tests Do Walmart Stores Sell?

Walmart sells its own brand of pregnancy tests (Equate) and national brands such as Clearblue, e.p.t., and First Response (FRER).

See the below image to see an example listing of Assured Pregnancy Test on the Walmart website. NOTE: Walmart, the company, does not sell this product. At the moment, a third-party seller named “Z-Global” sells it on

You can buy Dollar General's Assured Pregnancy Test via a third-party seller on
You can buy Dollar Tree’s Assured Pregnancy Test at via a third-party seller.

Who distributes Assured Pregnancy Tests?

Greenbrier International, Inc. distributes Assured Pregnancy Tests.According to a warning letter issued by the U.S. FDA, Dollar Tree is a DBA of Greenbrier International.

Who manufactures Assured Pregnancy Test?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, GUANGZHOU WONDFO BIOTECH CO., LTD. manufactures the Assured Pregnancy Test in China. That company sells the same test to various distributors under many brand names.

How sensitive is the Assured Pregnancy Test to HCG?

We checked with the FDA and learned the Assured Pregnancy Test sells has a sensitivity rating of 25 mIU/ml urine. Although that sensitivity is standard for the pregnancy test industry, it makes the test unsuitable for testing early.

Samples with lower HCG concentrations, 18.75 mIU/ml, for example, showed zero positive results in laboratory tests.

Read more about Assured Pregnancy Test sensitivity.

What is the accuracy of the Assured Pregnancy Test?

According to documents filed by the manufacturer, the Assured Pregnancy Test has over 99% accuracy from the first day of your EMP.

According to the manufacturer,

All healthy non-pregnant females should test negative for hCG. Although hCG levels vary in normal newly pregnant women, the sponsor claims that the test should detect hCG levels one day after the woman’s missed menstrual cycle.

In other words, when properly used, the Assured Pregnancy Test will create practically no false results.

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