Assured Pregnancy Test

Assured Pregnancy Test sensitivity 2020

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Assured Pregnancy Test sensitivity 2020

The sensitivity of the Assured Pregnancy Test is measured in milli-International Units of the hCG pregnancy hormone per milliliter of urine.

This information is not published as part of the product’s packaging or instructions.

About the Assured Pregnancy Test

Assured is a registered trademark of Greenbrier International Inc. The firm is based in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Interestingly, the firm’s headquarters at 500 Volvo Pkwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320 shares the same address as Dollar Tree’s corporate office.

Greenbrier International’s phone number is 757-321-5900, which is the same number as Dollar Tree’s corporate office.

Under the Assured brand, Greenbrier markets a variety of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, including bandages, laxatives, acid and gas relief tablets, motion sickness pills and more.

The Assured brand also includes a variety of tests, including a home marijuana test, an ovulation test, and a pregnancy test.

Assured was first used in commerce during the year 2004.

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