Assured Pregnancy Test Results

Pregnancy testing means that you should carefully follow the directions that came with your test. Afterward, you can evaluate your Assured Pregnancy Test results. Here’s how to do that.

Reading Assured Pregnancy Test results

After performing the test according to the instructions that came with your test unit, look at the results window.

Invalid Assured Pregnancy Test results

If you don’t see any lines in the results window, you have an invalid test result.

Also, if you see a line in the “T” section of the window, but not one in the “C” section, your result is invalid.

Positive Assured Pregnancy Test results

A positive result has two lines in the results window: One line under “C” and another under “T.”

Negative Assured Pregnancy Test results

A negative Assured Pregnancy Test result will have one line in the “C” section of the results window and no other lines in the window.

For your reference, here’s the Assured Pregnancy Test results summary from the product’s package.

Over time, the manufacturer may update the Assured Pregnancy Test and its instructions. For this reason, you should always check your results based on the information found on the product’s package.

Assured Pregnancy Test results
Use this image to decode your Assured Pregnancy Test results.

Who manufactures the Assured Pregnancy Test?

Most recently, the FDA lists Healgen Scientific, LLC as the manufacturer of the Greenbrier International Inc. Assured Pregnancy Test (Cassette). You can read more about this product, including lab test results in FDA document number K123703.

How much HCG triggers positive Assured Pregnancy Test results?

Assured Pregnancy Tests have an HCG sensitivity cutoff of 25 mIU/mL urine. Most pregnant women have at least this much HCG in their urine on the first day of their expected period.

Can I test early with Assured Pregnancy Tests?

No. The Assured Pregnancy Test produces inaccurate results for women with HCG concentrations below 25 mIU/ML.

I have questions about my Assured Pregnancy Test results. What should I do?

If you have any questions about your health, possible pregnancy, or Assured Pregnancy Test results, discuss them with your doctor (or similar qualified health professional). CPG Health does not provide medical advice.

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