Assured Pregnancy Test How to Use

Women love the Assured Pregnancy Test because of its low price, convenient availability, and rock-solid product reviews. If you haven’t decided to buy the product, you can read the following Assured Pregnancy Test How to guide to get a better understanding of how the device works.

Testing for pregnancy has never been easier and less expensive than it is with the Assured Pregnancy Test.

Assured Pregnancy Test How To Use

You’ve heard about the Assured Pregnancy Test, but you need to know more before you buy.

Continue reading this Assured Pregnancy Test How To Use guide to learn more about this exciting value-priced pregnancy test.

Assured Pregnancy Test How to Buy

Get the Assured Pregnancy Test at your local Dollar Tree. You’ll pay $1 plus sales tax.

If you can’t get out, you can buy the Assured Pregnancy Test from Amazon using our affiliate link.

You may also find other online outlets with third-party sellers offering the Assured Pregnancy Test for sale.

How to get features and specifications for Assured Pregnancy Test

Being a low-cost item, the Assured Pregnancy Test doesn’t provide you with a wealth of information. Fortunately, CPG Health is here, on your side.

Assured Pregnancy Test at the FDA

Where can you get better information than what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has?

Begin your search at the FDA’s OTC database. There, you’ll see several Greenbrier products, but only two of the search results indicate the Assured Pregnancy Test.

The most recent data from the FDA is from February 12, 2016.

The document number for the Assured Pregnancy Test is: K123703.

Here, you’ll notice that the manufacturer of the product has changed from Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd. to HEALGEN SCIENTIFIC, LLC.

Other than that change, the product has remained the same since 2011.

Healgen and the Assured Pregnancy Test are the same product.
Find details about the Assured Pregnancy Test at the FDA’s website.

Assured Pregnancy Test HCG Cut Off sensitivity means that, at that HCG concentration, half of all users will receive a positive result. The other half will receive a negative result.

How to use Assured Pregnancy Test

The Assured Pregnancy Test is a cassette based pregnancy test. This means that you must first save a urine sample in a clean cup. After that, you’ll use the included dropper to apply drops of urine to the test well.

If you continue reading to the “FAQ” section of this page, you’ll have a chance to read the complete pregnancy test instructions for yourself.

Assured Pregnancy Test FAQ:

Below, read some frequently asked questions about Assured Pregnancy Test how to use.

Assured Pregnancy Test How to Use? In other words, How do I use the Assured Pregnancy Test?

Follow the directions that come with your Assured Pregnancy Test. However, if you’re still shopping for your pregnancy test, we’ve provided Assured Pregnancy Test instructions below.

This information will help you understand how the product works and whether it will suit your needs. Caution: Products, specifications, and directions can change. Always follow the directions that come with your test unit.

How do I view the Assured Pregnancy Test instructions that came with my test?

First, read the concise instructions that are printed on the back of the product’s package. To read the complete instructions, you must cut open the box.

Can you show me Assured Pregnancy Test how to instructions from the package’s outside?

Yes. We’ve scanned the package for you to read. See the below image.

Assured Pregnancy Test How to us. Instructions on outside of package.
Assured Pregnancy Test instructions on the outside of the package.
Assured Pregnancy Test How to Use
Assured Pregnancy Test instructions on the inside of the package.

Ready to Buy Assured Pregnancy Test?

If you’re ready to use the Assured Pregnancy Test, you can buy it using our Amazon link. You can also buy the product at some Dollar Tree stores.

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