Assured Pregnancy Test

Assured Pregnancy Test How Early?

Assured Pregnancy Test How Early?

You naturally want to know rright now if you’re pregnant. That’s understandable.

This is particularly important to you if you’ve had unprotected sex and are nervous about the possible repercussions.

A pregnancy test can help.

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However, most of the time, you can’t take a pregnancy test right away and still get an accurate result.

In other words, you’ll probably have to wait for a while before you can take a pregnancy test and get a reliable result.

Here, we’ll answer your question and give you the information you need to decide wheter the Assured Pregnancy Test is right for you.

Assured Pregnancy Test how early?

After conception, your body will increase the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your system.

hCG is the famous “pregnancy hormone” upon which home pregnancy tests depend.

After implantation, which happens at around the 10th day after conception, your body dramatically increases production of hCG.

Eventually, hCG comes out in your urine, making testing at home possible.

To get a pregnancy test result with an accuracy greater than 99%, you’re going to have to wait until you’ve missed your period.

At that time, the hCG level in your urine should be greater than 25 mIU/mL, which is almost universally considered to be a positive indication for pregnancy.

How soon can I use the test?

The Assured Pregnancy Test is designed to report a positive pregnancy 100% of the time when your hCG level in your urine is more than 25 mIU per mL.

Generally speaking the level of hCG in your system will double every two days, if you’re pregnant.

Many women reach that level during their first week after conception.

Still, some pregnant women will not test positive right away.

If you want, you can choose to use an “Early Result” pregnancy test that is more sensitive to hCG.

Still, even with an early result test, you’ll have to re-test again to verify your result.

I’m pregnant, but why did I get a “negative” result when I tested 6 days early?

Early result tests are more sensitive to hCG than the Assured Pregnancy Test, but they also have less accuracy. For example, when used five days before your expected period (6 days early), tests such as the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test can detect pregnancy in 76% of pregnant women.

So, you can get a negative result using that test and still be pregnant.

With this in mind, you should be sure to have a second test available to verify any pregnancy test positive.

Should I use the Assured Pregnancy Test?

If you want to try to find out early, you should use an “early result” pregnancy test.

However, now that you realize that “early result” tests have lower accuracy rates when used early, you might want to save money by using the Assured Test.

Never take any chances with your health. If there’s anything you don’t understand about pregnancy or pregnancy tests, immediately consult with your doctor or other qualified health professional.

How do I learn more about the Assured Pregnancy Test?

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