Assured Pregnancy Test

Assured Pregnancy Test hCG Level

Your Assured Pregnancy Test gives a positive result with 25 mIU/ml.

After conception, your level of the hCG pregnancy hormone increases. If it surpasses normal levels, you will test positive for pregnancy using an Assured Pregnancy Test or similar product.

What’s Normal hCG?

Every woman is different. Some have higher levels of hCG than others. However, by working with a normal range of values, pregnancy tests can work for most women.

Generally, an hCG concentration of 5 mIU/ml urine is considered as a negative indication for pregnancy. Meanwhile, an hCG level of 25 mIU/ml urine positively indicates pregnancy.

In between, from 6 mIU/ml to 24 mIU/ml, is a range of hCG levels that do not support a firm conclusion.

Can I Test Early for Pregnancy?

Yes. You can choose an “early result” test such as the First Result Pregnancy Test that can give you a positive result before the first day of your missed period.

However, even a reputable early pregnancy test can provide you with a false negative. For this reason, if you test early, you should always test again on the day of your missed period.

What is the Assured Pregnancy Test hCG Level for a Postive Result?

The Assured Pregnancy Test (buy it now with our Amazon affiliate link) reliably produces a positive test result on the day of your expected menstrual period. At that time, your hCG level will most likely be at least 25 mIU/ml.

The Assured Pregnancy Test does not provide reliable results for hCG levels below 25 mIU/ml urine.

I Want to Know More about hCG

You can learn more about the hCG pregnancy hormone and hCG levels from the American Pregnancy Association.