Assured Pregnancy Test Faint Line

I have an Assured Pregnancy Test faint line. Am I pregnant? What does this mean?

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Assured Pregnancy Test Faint Line

You love the Assured Pregnancy Test when it gives you an obvious result. But what about when you see a faint line rather than a bold pink line?

You’re probably here because you’re one of the many women who has received an Assured Pregnancy Test faint line.

A faint line on the Assured Pregnancy Test is a positive sign for pregnancy.

Repeat the test in 48 hours to verify your result.

Of course, this is true only if other factors are also true:

  • You precisely followed the directions that came with your test.
  • You don’t have any interfering physical issues or fertility treatments.
  • You are accurately reading your test result window.
  • You are sure that the faint line isn’t an evap line.
  • You also have a line in the “C” region of the test window.

 What does a faint line mean?

We’ve been there. We know it can make you nervous. After all, you need accurate pregnancy test results to plan for your future.

MYTH: A faint line is a “maybe.”

Scientists design a pregnancy test to react to a certain amount of the HCG pregnancy hormone in your urine. When it reacts, it will cause a line to appear at both the “C” (control) and “T” (test) regions of your results window.

That line in the “T” region may vary in color or intensity. However, if it’s there, it means that you have at least 25 mIU/ml of HCG in your urine, which is a positive sign of pregnancy.

Still, according to the directions that come with your test, a very faint line for pregnancy requires you to retest in 48 hours.

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Does a faint line mean I had a miscarriage?

The Assured Pregnancy Test doesn’t test for miscarriages. Also, it doesn’t diagnose other conditions such as ectopic pregnancy.

Your Assured Pregnancy Test only tells you if your urine has an elevated level of the HCG pregnancy hormone.

If you see a faint line in the “T” section of the results window of your test AND there’s also a line in the “C” section, you are almost certainly pregnant (if you followed the directions).

If you have any concerns about your pregnancy or think you may have had a miscarriage, immediately contact your doctor or another qualified medical professional.

Why am I still nervous?

As a prospective mother, you’re understandably nervous. If you got a faint line on your Assured Pregnancy Test, you should simply repeat the test in two days, as per the directions that come with the test.

To put your mind at ease, read the excerpt from the Assured Pregnancy Test directions below:

Assured Pregnancy Test faint line 2

Again, if you have any doubts or questions, contact a doctor or similar qualified medical professional immediately.

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