Assured Pregnancy Test

Assured Pregnancy Test Accuracy

What makes this an accurate pregnancy test?

Read the package: The Assured Pregnancy Test is “over 99% accurate.” In other words, If you follow the directions that come with your test, you’re almost guaranteed to get an accurate result.

What affects Assured Pregnancy Test accuracy?

To get the best results from your pregnancy test, you should pay special attention to the following guidelines.

Testing day – The Assured Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate on the first day of your missed period. If you test early, you risk getting an inaccurate result.

Application – Carefully apply your urine sample using the dropper that came with your test. If you spill urine into the results window, you risk contaminating your test. So, only apply three drops to the collection well.

Timing – Reading your result either too early or too late can cause misleading. You can expect to see a result in three minutes. Never trust a result that comes after five minutes.

Interpretation – Carefully compare your pregnancy test with the result key that comes with your test. Most importantly, if you don’t see a line in the “Control” section of your result window, you must disregard your result.

What if I doubt Assured Pregnancy Test accuracy?

If you have any questions about your pregnancy, please contact your doctor.

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