Assured Pregnancy Test Accuracy

The Assured Pregnancy Test is “over 99% accurate.” If you follow the directions that come with your test and test on the day of your missed period, you’re almost guaranteed to get an accurate result.

Assured Pregnancy Test Accuracy

Potential mothers need to know what affects the accuracy of their pregnancy test. As already noted, following the directions gives you your best chance for an accurate result.

What affects Assured Pregnancy Test accuracy?

Other things that affect Assured Pregnancy Test accuracy include:

Testing early.

Our Assured Pregnancy Test has no asterisk (*) or other symbol next to the “Over 99% Accurate.” The product’s packaging should have an asterisk there because the test is 99% accurate from the day of your missed period.

Before the day of your missed period, the accuracy decreases.

The manufacturer has not provided data that estimates lost accuracy resulting from early testing.


Pregnancy tests, including the Assured Pregnancy Test, detect HCG in your urine. HCG is Human chorionic gonadotropin, also known as “the pregnancy hormone.”

After conception, the amount of HCG in your system increases. When it reaches a certain concentration, in this case, 25 mIU/ml, the chemical strip inside your test unit will change color, showing that you are pregnant.

If you naturally have a low HCG level, you may not trigger a positive result. Likewise, if you have a naturally high HCG level (or have elevated HCG for a non-pregnancy-related reason), you will receive a positive indicator.

Application – Carefully apply your urine sample using the dropper that came with your test. If you spill urine into the results window, you risk contaminating your test. So, only apply three drops to the collection well.

Timing – Reading your result either too early or too late can cause misleading. You can expect to see a result in three minutes. Never trust a result that comes after five minutes.

Interpretation – Carefully compare your pregnancy test with the result key that comes with your test. Most importantly, if you don’t see a line in the “Control” section of your result window, you must disregard your result.

Assured Pregnancy Test Sensitivity – The sensitivity of your pregnancy test may help determine how early you may test. NOTE: The Assured Pregnancy Test is not an early result pregnancy test.

What if I doubt Assured Pregnancy Test accuracy?

If you have questions about your pregnancy, please contact your doctor.

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