Answer Pregnancy Test: Unparalleled Accuracy at a Better Price

Got pregnant? How will you know if you can’t afford a decent pregnancy test? The Answer Pregnancy Test gives you the reliable results you need while saving dollars over products like First Response, E.P.T., and Equate Home Pregnancy Test. Finally, you can get name-brand quality without risking reliability: It’s a win-win for women who want to know if they’re pregnant.

Answer Pregnancy Test: Find Out Now

If you’ve got the answer, you’ve got the Answer Pregnancy Test. The pregnancy test by Answer gives you unrivaled accuracy while shaving dollars from your purchase price.The package contains two pregnancy tests, so you can check now and later, or use the second test as a spare or to share. With this test, you can expect fancy features you might not expect from a value-priced product:

  • Convenient two-pack.
  • Accurate results as early as four days before your expected period.
  • Results are 99 percent accurate from the day of your expected period.
  • Natural urine-based test.
  • Bilingual: Includes instructions in Spanish and English.

The Answer Pregnancy Test boasts of its ability to match the accuracy of your doctor’s in-office pregnancy test. The Quick and Simple Early Result Pregnancy Test detects the LH pregnancy hormone four days before you expect your period.

During product tests, the Answer product detected the hormone levels in 69 percent of women four days before their expected period.

Do you understand pregnancy test accuracy? The National Library of Medicine has more information.

Answer Pregnancy Test: More Information

When you buy the Answer Pregnancy Test, read the information on the box, and then completely read the instructions that come inside the box with the product. Overall, you will find the test easy to take:

  • Unwrap test.
  • Hold in urine stream for a few seconds.
  • Lay the test flat and wait for a few minutes.
  • Check the test. Two lines show pregnancy.

We can give you some suggestions about when a pregnancy test will read positive.

Of course, some women have varying amounts of LH hormone, so the test might not work correctly for everyone. If you ever have questions about whether you correctly performed the test or what you should do after confirming your pregnancy, contact your doctor, gynecologist, or local clinic for help.

When you follow a supervised prenatal regimen, you can improve the chances of giving birth to a healthy child and improve your wellbeing during your pregnancy.

Answer Pregnancy Test: Alternatives

CPG Health reviews a broad variety of over the counter (OTC) health and beauty products, including pregnancy tests. Although the Answer Pregnancy Test comes highly recommended, women who want to explore alternative pregnancy tests should read our reviews of other products before choosing which product to buy.

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Women should cautiously approach pregnancy because lifestyle issues, diet, and hereditary factors can influence the health of mother and child. To help quickly identify pregnancy, take a helpful quiz that will help you use an at-home pregnancy test.

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