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Women and their men depend on CPG Health for pregnancy test product reviews and information.

Our expert reviews have attracted visitors from around the world because of their thoroughness and unbiased approach. People want to live a healthy life, and they trust us to support their lifestyles by offering them the best over-the-counter health and beauty products.

CPG Health

About CPG Health

CPG Health provides you no-nonsense facts about popular OTC pregnancy tests.

Our mission

We advocate for healthful living and market openness. We accomplish our mission by providing relevant reviews of high-quality OTC pregnancy tests. Whenever possible, we give you a chance buy them. We deliver news and information that affects the way people live and shop. CPG Health has a panel of experts that share their knowledge with you, so you can live a healthy, fulfilling life.

CPG Health doesn’t provide medical advice. We provide health-related news and product information. We serve the entire community, but we give our subscribers inside information about the health and beauty trends that impact their life.

How CPG Health Helps

Information from our pregnancy test product reviews guide buying helps consumers decide what to buy. CPG Health has a team of experts that identify the most popular and effective products. The team unboxes products and presents them via our famous “CPG Health Unboxed” video series.

Our reviews don’t replace your doctor or professional medical advice. Read and follow the directions on every product you buy. Ask your questions to a doctor. We do not diagnose health problems and we do not provide any implied or expressed warranty about the information we provide.

Every consumer should talk with their doctor before taking any over-the-counter medication, supplement, or beauty product.

CPG Health Privacy Statement

We respect the privacy of all visitors, users, and customers. We do not send spam, and we do not sell customer information. We keep all communication between us and site visitors and subscribers confidential. We share only traffic data shared with our advertisers.

Testimonials published on the CPG Health website appear only with approval. We often change the names of our customers who leave comments to protect their identities.

Users choose to receive our newsletter and other email messages. When you subscribe, you get periodic notifications new website content. Subscribers can opt-out at any time by following the instructions contained in the registration email they received.

Anyone with questions about CPG Health can ask us by sending an email to info@cpg-health.com. We love hearing from you.

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