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ED relief for victims of Obamacare

Obamacare denies sex to millions of American men. Practically all of the health insurance plans purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace deny coverage for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), yet millions suffer from
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How much does a pregnancy test cost at CVS?

‘Iffat Mawaddah Malouf from Secaucus, NJ sent us a question that many of our readers have asked: “How much does a pregnancy test cost at CVS?” Many pregnant women and their partners also want to know

Opti-Free Rewetting Drops

Buy ocular lubricant products to protect your eyes while enjoying the greatest comfort possible while wearing your contact lenses. For a long time, CPG Health has suggested Opti Free Rewetting Drops to consumers needing a superior

Healthy Thanksgiving: CPG Health and You

Thanksgiving day means time with family and friends and great food. For many people, however, Thanksgiving Day also means weight gain, indigestion and stomach acid. The day can also bring sickness as people from

Clearblue Pregnancy Test: Tamika’s story

Where would you be if you didn’t have the Clearblue Pregnancy Test? When you learn from Tamika’s story, you’ll understand why you should trust the Clearblue digital pregnancy test whenever you really need to know. As

Beat the Sun with Up & Up Sport Sunscreen

Summer is here! With it comes the urge to experience and enjoy the great outdoors. People want to work, play and live outside, so they go out of their way to plan exercise outings,

Pregnancy Test at Family Dollar: Great Results, Value Price

“How do I know if I’m pregnant?”  CPG Health often gets that question from women who want to know if they’re pregnant. The reason for wanting to know if you’re pregnant doesn’t matter. Perhaps

Opti Free Contact Solution: Buy Puremoist for Ultimate Comfort

Give your eyes a break! They work hard for you, so why do you trust them with crappy, no-name, sometimes expired “saline” solution? Why? Do you like the idea of being blind? No?! Then

Benefits of Probiotics: How Equate Probiotics Screams Good Health

Get a kick-ass immune system and rockin’ digestive health among the many benefits of probiotics. More than seven-tenths of the natural immune defenses of your body are located in your digestive system, so you

Halloween Health: Power Tips for Trick-or-Treaters

Trick or Treat! Enjoy your Halloween without worrying about the real ghosts and goblins that can endanger your wellbeing. Without care, your trick-or-treaters could become victims of pedophiles and other criminals. You might buy