Gentle Laxative Tablets Relieve Constipation Overnight

Constipation causes problems, making you dread life, even on the best of days. When your bowel movements don’t come regular, you can experience painful defecation and even develop blockages that threaten your life. When your insides stop being regular, you know you Gentle Laxative Tablets, Bisacodyl 5mg, 25ct, By Up&Up, Compare to Dulcolax.

Gentle Laxative Tablets by Up&Up work like Dulcolax
End constipation now, with Up&UP Gentle Laxative Tablets. These compare favorably with Dulcolax.

About Up&Up Gentle Laxative Tablets

Gentle laxative tablets have an active ingredient of bisacodyl, the same effective active ingredient that is found in Dulcolax, the nationally advertised brand that costs more than Up & Up.

These Bisacodyl tablets have the following uses:

  • For temporary relief of occasional constipation and irregularity.
  • This product generally produces a bowel movement within 6 to 12 hours.

Gentle laxative tablets provide overnight relief of constipation. How much simpler can they be? Take 1 to 3 tablets with water in a single daily dose. After that, all you have to do is relax because you will most likely have relief the following morning.

Using Gentle Laxative Tablets, by Up&Up

Using Bisacodyl tablets is easy, but you want to make sure you take them as directed. Also, you should pay special attention to the warnings associated with this product.

Ask a doctor about using this product, if you have:

  • Stomach pain, nausea or vomiting.
  • A sudden change in bowel habits, lasting longer than 14 days.

Recommendations made by CPG Health do not constitute medical advice. Even though these Dulcolax tablets are OTC, you should contact your doctor or other health professionals immediately if you have any questions concerning their use.

Additional Advice for Using Up&Up Dulcolax

When you are using Bisacodyl tablets by Up&Up or Dulcolax:

  • Do not chew or crush tablets.
  • This product might cause stomach discomfort, faintness and cramps.
  • Do not use within 1 hour of taking antacids or milk.

You should seek the attention of your doctor, under any of the following conditions:

  • You have rectal bleeding or no bowel movement, after using Up&Up Gentle Laxative.
  • You need to use this product more than one time per week.

Up&Up is a nationally known brand and one of the most-recognized names in the health and beauty industry. Dulcolax, however, passes the cost of their nationwide marketing campaigns to customers, causing higher prices.

CPG Health also recommends Equate brand products, such as Equate pregnancy tests. Also, Spring Valley health supplements can help you create and live a wellness lifestyle.

Up&Up Pregnancy Test Provides Early Results

Up and Up Pregnancy Tests provide early results, so you can quickly eliminate doubt about your pregnancy. Find out now, in the privacy of your home, without an expensive trip to the gynecologist. In just a few minutes, you can know whether you are expecting  or just hoping, so get started now.

Up & Up Pregnancy Test, Early Result
Up & Up Pregnancy Tests provide early results and work like the Equate pregnancy test.

Benefits of the Up&Up Early Result Pregnancy Test

Having a child is an exciting experience, and women who want to know if they are expecting want to know now, not later. Designed to give you advance notice of pregnancy, the Up&Up test can tell you up to 5 days earlier than other over-the-counter pregnancy tests (OTC pregnancy tests). Some of the features of this test include:

  • Test five days sooner.
  • Provides early detection of the pregnancy hormone.
  • Easy to use and read.
  • Comfortable thumb grip.
  • Results in 2 minutes.
  • Easy-to-read line results.
  • 3 tests in a single package.

Many women value the thumb grip of the Up&Up pregnancy test, because, without the grip, the test unit can fall into the toilet! Thanks to the Up&Up brand of pregnancy tests, this rarely happens.

More about the Up & Up Pregnancy Test with Early Result

The Up & Up pregnancy test is easy to use and easy to read. With just one step (simply hold the absorbent tip in your urine stream for 5 seconds), you will know if you are expecting a child.

Many experts recommend using the first urine of the morning because the first-morning urine contains the highest concentration of the LH hormone. You can, of course, use the test at any time, but try to use it in the morning, if possible.

The Up&Up pregnancy test can be used as early as 4 days before an anticipated menstrual period. That is 5 days sooner than if you waited for a missed period before testing. This works because the pregnancy hormone (LH hormone) increases quickly during early pregnancy.

Clinical tests document the accuracy of the Up & Up pregnancy test as follows:

# days before expected period # of samples from pregnant women, testing positive with this test
-4 53%
-3 74%
-2 84%
-1 87%

The Equate pregnancy test produced almost identical results in clinical trials.

How to Use the Up&Up Pregnancy Test

Early pregnancy tests such as the Up&Up brand early detection pregnancy test and Equate pregnancy tests, look for increased levels of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH hormone) in the urine. This makes possible testing for pregnancy in the home. Other tests require blood samples, so they are only performed at your doctor’s office.

With the Up & Up pregnancy test, the procedure is almost identical to the use of the Equate pregnancy test.

  1. Hold the tip of the pregnancy test in your urine stream for 5 seconds.
  2. Lay the test on a flat surface while it develops.
  3. Wait for two minutes.
  4. Read the test.

If you are pregnant, you will see the reference line and a second line. If you are not pregnant, you will see only the reference line.

“I Am a Man. Why should I use the Up&Up Pregnancy Test?

Normally, men do not expect to buy the Up&Up Pregnancy Test or even the Equate Pregnancy Test. After all, only women get pregnant, right?

Recent studies show that men can use the Up & Up Pregnancy test to detect early signs of testicular cancer. Although research into this phenomenon is largely anecdotal and not based on science, many doctors are recommending that men use the Equate Pregnancy test and the Up&Up pregnancy test as a way to tell if they have that deadly form of cancer.

Pregnancy tests detect HCG, a hormone associated with pregnancy and testicular cancer, so men can choose to use a pregnancy test if they are concerned. Regular physical checkups and routine self-exams are still the best way to pick up on testicular cancer, so no one should rely solely on the pregnancy test unless specifically directed by a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Other Up & Up Brand and Equate Brand Products

Pregnancy tests are just one of the many products offered under the Up & Up brand and Equate brand labels. For example, Up&Up Tension Headache caplets work like Excedrin Tension Headache, but at a value price. Also Spring Valley has a trusted line of health supplements that support a healthy lifestyle.

CPG Health recommends and distributes OTC health and beauty products to millions of customers across the USA.

Equate Pregnancy Test Early Ovulation Predictor

You want to get pregnant, but nature isn’t cooperation with you? Get the Equate Pregnancy Test Early Ovulation Predictor to help. This product cannot change your body, but it gives you the power to harness your body as part of your quest to get pregnant.

Get “Knocked Up,” With Equate Pregnancy Test Early Ovulation Predictor

Let’s face it: You want the Equate pregnancy test, because you want to know if you are pregnant. In fact, chances are you want to get pregnant. For some women, this seems easy, but for others, it seems impossible. Enter Equate – Ovulation Predictor, One Step, 7 Day Test Kit (Compare to Clearblue). This test alerts you to your best time to try to have conception, just minutes after use.

Equate Pregnancy Test Early Ovulation Predictor
Equate Pregnancy Test Early Ovulation Predictor works like Clearable, but at a value price.

How Equate Brand Ovulation Predictors Work

Ovulation predictors like Clearblue and the Equate Early Ovulation predictor work by looking for luteinizing hormone (LH), a hormone whose level increases immediately before ovulation begins. When your test indicates an LH surge, you know that your ovulation will soon begin.

This information tells you exactly when you need to have the most sex, to improve your chance of becoming pregnant. Knowing that you can predict your ovulation gives you the advantage over traditional ovulation calculator methods that can only confirm when ovulation has already occurred.

The LH surge is responsible for releasing the egg into the fallopian tube, setting the stage for pregnancy if you “do it” during that critical time.

Reading the Equate Brand Ovulation Predictor

Using the Equate Ovulation Predictor is easy. It is a two-step test:

  1. Take the test at any time of day. Hold the absorbent tip facing downward in your urine stream for five seconds. Put the cap back on, and then lay the test on a flat surface.
  2. Read your result. If the LH Surge line is the same color as the reference line, or darker, you should ovulate within the next 24 to 36 hours. Have sexual intercourse within 48 hours of your test, to maximize your chance of becoming pregnant.
  3. If the LH Surge Line is not the same color or darker than the reference line, you know this is not the optimal time to try for conception.

More about the Equate Pregnancy Test Early Ovulation Predictor

Some medications or medical conditions, including but not limited to  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) might affect the reliability of the Equate Brand Early Ovulation Predictor, keeping it from accurately predicting ovulation. For more information and any questions, see your physician, gynecologist, or other knowledgeable healthcare professional.

Equate Brand Brings Quality and Value to Healthcare Consumers

National surveys rank Equate as one of the top five most recognized brands in the health and beauty industry. This means that, when you buy the Equate brand, you get the same or better quality as nationally marketed brands at a value price. This is a win-win combination that can save money for you and your household.

Consider the Equate brand pregnancy test, that compares with First Response. Other products, such as digestive aids also come from the Equate brand. CPG Health recommends other brands, such as Up&Up and Spring Valley, because of their proven quality and value.

Equate Pregnancy Test Gives Early Results, Like First Response

Are you pregnant? You have symptoms that might indicate pregnancy, but you want to know now. Ease the suspense; use an Equate pregnancy test to give you the information you need, when you want it.

Equate Pregnancy Test, Early, Compare to First Response

Comparable to a First Response pregnancy test, this Equate brand pregnancy test delivers results five days earlier than other tests by picking up traces of pregnancy hormones. Simply follow the directions provided with the test, and you can know within two minutes.

Now that you know you can use an Equate pregnancy test, in the privacy of your home, what are you waiting for?

About the First Response Equate Pregnancy Test

Everything about this Equate brand pregnancy test makes it just as easy to use as the nationally marketed First Response brand test.

The Early Result Equate Pregnancy Test has appealing features:

  • Simple one-step process
  • Comfortable thumb grip
  • Results in 2 minutes
  • Over 99% accuracy
  • Contents include 2 tests and 1 English and Spanish insert.

This test is easy to use and easy to read. Just one step: Simply hold the absorbent tip in your urine stream for 5 seconds. Lay the test on a flat surface while it develops, and our results will be confirmed in just two minutes.

More From Equate Brand

Other Equate brand products available include Equate brand Fast Acting Nasal Spray, a product that can help you breathe easy, even during allergy and flu season.

While shopping for health and beauty items, be sure to check out health supplements from Spring Valley.

Equate Pregnancy Test Gives Quick Results

You think you’re pregnant? Get an Equate Pregnancy Test. Now, more than ever, you can avoid spending  money on unnecessary visits to the doctor because you can find out at home, whether you are pregnant.  Using an at-home pregnancy test protects your privacy, while keeping your costs under control.

Pregnancy tests have been around for a long time, and the E.P.T. pregnancy test has become one of the most well-known brands on the market. Now, however, you do not have to pay the premium price for a nationally advertised brand, because this Equate Pregnancy Test works in ways similar to the E.P.T. product, to help you accurately determine if you are pregnant.

Equate Pregnancy Test, One Step, Compare to E.P.T.
Equate Pregnancy Test Products, like this One-Step test, provide accurate results for less than the cost of E.P.T.

About the Equate Pregnancy Test

The Equate brand pregnancy test works exactly like the E.P.T. pregnancy test. After applying your urine to the test stick, wait for a line to appear, signaling a functioning test. After about ten minutes, check the strip again. If a second line appears in the window, you have a positive test result; you are pregnant.

With a product so simple as this one, why would you need to try another?

Some of the advantages of the Equate Test include:

  • One Step Pregnancy Test.
  • Test 5 days before a missed period.
  • Provides early detection of the pregnancy hormone.
  • Results in just 2 minutes.
  • Clear + or – results.
  • Over 99% accurate, from the day of your expected period.

The One Step Equate Pregnancy Test is easy to use and easy to read. Just one step: Simply hold the absorbent tip in your urine stream for five seconds. Lay the test on a flat surface, while it develops, and your results will be confirmed in just two minutes.

The Equate Pregnancy Test Compare to E.P.T. is a one-step pregnancy test that can be used as early as 4 days before you expect your period. That is five days sooner than waiting until you miss your period to test. The amount of pregnancy hormone increases rapidly in early pregnancy, so the test becomes increasingly accurate as your missed period approaches.

Other Available Products

Other Equate Brand products available include Equate Allergy Relief products such as Equate Nasal Spray, that can help you stay productive and comfortable all year long.

Blast Blackheads with Up&Up Blackhead Scrub

Blackheads might make you feel self-conscious, so why do you put up with them? The time to blast blackheads is now, since there is a value alternative to the pricy Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub product. That’s right: without sacrificing quality or effectiveness, you can have a face that is free of those troublesome blackheads.

Blackhead Scrub by Up&Up

CPG Health recommends the regular use of Up&Up Blackhead Scrub, to keep your pores clean and your face looking brilliant and clean. When used as directed, Up&Up Blackhead Scrub, 5 oz. can gently eliminate blackheads, through the use of an oil-free cream that does the scrubbing for you.

Up&Up Blackhead Scrub, Oil Free
Up&Up Blackhead Scrub, Oil Free works like Clean &Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub, but at a value price.

Based on salicylic acid, this blackhead cleanser treats acne, specifically targeting those blackheads that make you so self conscious. Through the use of a quick breakup formula that is similar to the Clean & Clear product, Blackhead Scrub goes to work, from day one, to make your skin more beautiful.

After application, exfoliating micro beads go to work to remove dead skin and unclog pores. Soothing extracts included in the formula give your skin a fresh feeling that makes you ready to face your world every day.

More about Up&Up Blackhead Clearing Scrub

To use the Up&Up Blackhead Cleanser, all you have to do is follow some simple steps:

  • Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer of Blackhead Scrub.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Repeat up to three times daily.

If bothersome dryness or skin peeling happens while using this product, try using it once daily or once every two days, while starting out. This gives your skin a chance to adapt to the unique blackhead formula found in the Up&Up product.

Clear Blackheads with Up&Up Blackhead Scrub
Clear Blackheads with Up&Up Blackhead Scrub. Use as often as three times daily.

In fact, while starting out with Blackhead Scrub, you should try it once daily first, to avoid any surprises. After your skin adjusts to the scrub, you should feel free to use it up to three times per day.

CPG Health reminds you to consult your physician or health care professional, if you have any special skin needs or if you have any questions about the proper use of this product or of Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub.

Precautions for Blackhead Treatment

While you use this acne cleanser product, look out for skin irritation and dryness, especially if you are already using one acne treatment product. If you experience a problem, consult your doctor or try using only one acne treatment product each day. You should not allow this product to get into your eyes, but, if you do, you should flush your eyes with water. If you swallow this product, you should contact a Poison Control Center for assistance.

People Trust CPG Health

People seeking advice for high-quality, value-priced OTC medications and beauty aids trust CPG Health, to give them recommendations and product summaries. People across the USA choose to buy from CPG Health for the same reason: CPG Health has become a trusted name in thousands of American households.

Brands available from CPG Health include Spring Valley, Equate and Up&Up. Other beauty products recommended by CPG Health include Equate Continuous Spray Sunscreen, a product that applies easily to the skin and protects from the harmful rays of the sun.

Child Allergy Relief is Quick and Easy with Up&Up Loratadine

Allergies affect millions of children every year, so why not give your children the best relief available? Many parents feel the same way, so they turn to Children’s Claritin Allergy oral solution. This over-the-counter loratidine solution contains 5mg of antihistamine relief per 5 ml of grape-flavored solution, so children can have up to 24 hours of relief from:

  • Sneezing.
  • Runny nose.
  • Itchy, watery eyes.
  • Itchy throat or nose.

This Child Allergy Releif, by Up&Up is sugar free and alcohol free and comes with a dosing cup, for convenient and accurate treatment.

Children's Allergy Relief from Up&Up
Choose Children’s Allergy Relief, Loratadine, by Up&Up as value alternative to Children’s Claritin.

This season, don’t sit by, while your child suffers from indoor or outdoor allergies. Give them relief by choosing Loratidine Allergy Relief from Up&Up. This great tasting grape flavored solution delivers the same power as Children’s Claritin without compromising quality.

Perhaps more importantly, Dye Free Children’s Allergy, Loratadine, Grape Flavor, 4oz, by Up&Up, Compare to Children’s Claritin comes in a liquid, making it ideal for children who cannot swallow capsules or us Up&Up Children’s Allergy Melts.

More about Up&Up Children’s Allergy Relief

Loratadine Children’s Allergy Relief from Up&Up provides temporary relief from:

  • Hay fever or upper respiratory allergies.
  • Sneezing.
  • Watery or itchy eyes.
  • Nose or throat itching.

In every 5mL dose of Up&Up Child Allergy Relief, you get 5mg of Loratadine, an antihistamine that has proven to be effective in many children and adults.

More about CPG Health

People around the USA have turned to CPG Health for trusted recommendations for OTC health and beauty products. CPG Health also distributes quality products from trusted brands and has provided customer service excellence to millions.

Brands available from CPG Health include Up&Up, Equate and Spring Valley. This includes pain relief products such as Up&Up Tension Headache Relief and other quality products.

Nasal Decongestant Power Delivered Straight to Your Nose: Afrin Original Nasal Spray

Cold and allergy season can mean one thing for sure: You will have to deal with the daily annoyances, discomfort and pain that comes from congested sinuses. Although many people, in this situation, turn to cold relief capsules or allergy relief tablets, More people now understand that the fastest path to relief is the direct path from your medicine to your nose. For a long time, people around the world have trusted Afrin Orginal Nasal Decongestant Spray to do the job for them. Now, there’s a new player in town that delivers he same quick and potent relief you get with Afrin, at a value price: Equate allergy relief and Equate nasal spray.

Equate Original Nasal Decongestant Spray
Equate Original Nasal Decongestant Spray can deliver comfort during cold and allergy season, without taking pills.

Introducing Equate Original Nasal Spray

Original Nasal Decongestant Spray by Equate offers the same active ingredients as Afrin Original Nasal Spray, but at a price that fits well into even the tightest budgets. A couple squeezes of this one-ounce bottle can deliver hours of cold and allergy relief to your nasal passages, so you can breathe easy during work, school or play. Some of the features of Equate Original Nasal Spray, Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride, 1oz, Compare to Afrin Original, Nasal Decongestant include:

  • Oxymetazoline HCl, 0.05%, Nasal Decongestant.
  • Fast, Powerful Congestion Relief.
  • Up to 12 Hours of Relief from Cold and Allergy Symptoms.
  • Compare to Afrin Original Nasal Spray (active ingredient).

Nasal decongestant spray by Equate works like Afrin Original

With this over-the-counter product, as with all Equate allergy relief solutions, you can easily keep up with your life, even when you are feeling less than your best.

Just one or two sprays in each nostril will leave your nasal passages clear for up to 12 hours. This is world-class relief for people who need to do their best all day.

Because of its proven quality and value, CPG Health recommends Equate Nasal Spray to those who are suffering from minor nasal congestion.

More About Equate Original Nasal Decongestant Spray

Uses for Equate Nasal Spray include:

  • Temporarily Relieves nasal congestion due to the common cold, hay fever, and upper respiratory allergies.
  • Shrinks swollen nasal membranes, so you can breathe more freely.

Make your stuffy nose a part of history, by using Equate Original Nasal Spray. You can quickly shrink swollen nasal membranes and breathe with ease. The formula used in the Equate Nasal Spray product works just the same as it does in the Afrin product: Nasal spray goes in, but does not run out. This means that you can use Equate Nasal Spray in the morning, during the day, or at night, with great results and little cleanup. Plus, the Equate Nasal Spray comes in a bottle small enough to fit in your purse or overnight bag, so you can have it on-hand everywhere you go.

CPG Health and You: Perfect Together

For years, people have trusted CPG Health for quality OTC health and beauty products. CPG Health also provides product reviews and recommendations that help people live healthy, vibrant lives.

Brands offered by CPG Health include Up&Up, Spring Valley and Equate. From these and other brands, CPG Health recommends eye care products, health supplements, pain relievers and more. While visiting CPG Health, make sure to check out the sunscreen by Equate and other well-respected brands.

Sunscreen Protects Your Skin, Preserves Your Youth and Beauty

Summertime brings much fun, as people head outdoors to work and play. Unfortunately, the summer also increases your exposure to the sun and its harmful rays, so you might be tempted to either stay in or cover up at a time when you want to go out and strip down. Whether in the yard, at the park or on the beach, you can take care of yourself by using Equate Broad Spectrum SPF 70+ Sport Sunscreen, an alternative to Coppertone Sport SPF 70.

Equate Broad Spectrum Sport Sunscreen SPF 70+
Equate Broad Spectrum Sport Sunscreen SPF 70+ offers maximum protection from the sun and compares well to Coppertone Sport.

Why You Should Buy Equate Sport Sunscreen

One of the biggest causes for premature aging is the sun. harmful visible and invisible rays can make the skin look wrinkled, splotched and sick. That’s understandable, because many deadly skin cancers start from overexposure to the sun. CPG Health wants you to enjoy the summer and the outdoors, so – go ahead – you should buy Equate Sport Sunscreen SPF 70+.

Equate Sport SPF 70 Sunscreen
Equate Sport SPF 70 Sunscreen offers continuous spray application and water resistant protection.

More about Equate Sport Sunscreen SPF 70+

Equate Sport Sunscreen offers maximum SPF 70+, protecting even the most sensitive skin from damage. This product offers all the powerful protection you expect from Equate at a value price. Features of this product include:

  • Clear, no-rub formula.
  • Water resistant (80 minutes).
  • UVA/UVB protection.
  • Sprays at any angle.
  • Compare to Coppertone Sport SPF 70 Continuous Spray.

Rather spending premium cash on the nationally advertised Coppertone Sport brand, give Equate Sunscreen a chance and you will see why CPG Health recommends this product to anyone who expects to spend time outdoors, in the sun.

More about CPG Health

People have turned to CPG Health, for years, to get the best recommendations for OTC health and beauty products. CPG Health distributes some of the best brands available, including Spring Valley, Up&Up and Equate. Products offered by CPG Health include eye care products and digestive remedies, such as Equate Ranitidine Acid Reducer.

Eye Drops Give Relief from Moderate to Severe Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome becomes more likely as people age, to the point where the ailment affects more than one-third of the elderly population. A person, of course, need not be old to suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome or similar problems with eye dryness. That is why Novartis has successfully marketed GenTeal Moderate to Severe Lubricant Gel Drops to a large part of the market.

Eye Dryness and GenTeal

According to US News and World Report, eye drops that contain cyclosporine, a drug used to treat psoriasis, arthritis and transplant patients, can drastically reduce the occurrence of Dry Eye Syndrome in most people. Unfortunately, the cyclosporine treatment costs thousands of dollars and is out-of-reach for most patients.

Although the infeasibility of cyclosporine might seem discouraging, there is hope in the form of NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICALS Genteal Gel Drops Moderate to Severe. These eye drops contain ingredients that are effective in the fight against dry eye, but sell at a more-reasonable price.

An Alternative to GenTeal

Although the price of GenTeal makes it more affordable than cyclosporine, many people have difficulty fitting it into their budget. Other people would rather avoid Big Pharma entities, like Novartis, in their quest to be both frugal and friendly. CPG Health believes that you should never have to sacrifice quality in your quest to maintain affordable personal health, that’s why Equate Comfort Gel Lubricant Eye Drops come highly recommended.

Equate Comfort Gel Lubricant Eye Drops
Equate Comfort Gel Lubricant Eye Drops offer relief of moderate to severe dry eye, in a manner similar to GenTeal Moderate to Severe Lubricant Gel Drops.

As eye drops, Equate Comfort Gel works like GenTeal and has the same active ingredients. Safety concerns do not exist, because the Equate brand has a nationwide reputation for quality and value.

One of the reasons Equate branded health and beauty products are often less expensive than their mass-marketed peers is their inexpensive distribution chain. Equate does not have the costs of big-name spokespeople and national advertising campaigns, so they do not have to pass those costs to consumers. Also, Equate has not had to pay for major product recalls and production shutdowns, as Novartis has done, so its costs for legal and regulatory compliance are minimal.

More about Equate Comfort Gel Lubricant Eye Drops

Some of the benefits that come with these Equate eyedrops include:

  • Moderate to severe dry eye relief.
  • Restores moisture.
  • Long-lasting gel.
  • Sterile.
  • For the temporary relief of discomfort due to minor irritations of the eye from exposure to the wind or sun.
  • As a protectant against further irritation.
Equate Comfort Gel Eye Drops
Patients should use Equate Comfort Gel Eye Drops as directed on the package.

The active ingredients of Equate Comfort Gel Lubricant Eye Drops, 0.5 fl oz, 2 count are as follows:

  • Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium, 0.25%, Eye Lubricant.
  • Hypromellose, 0.3%, Eye Lubricant.

Active and inactive ingredients for this eye drop product are printed on the product packaging.

As with any over-the-counter health or beauty product, people should always consult their physician or health care professional before use. Recommendations made by CPG Health and sales by CPG Health should not be regarded as medical advice.

More about CPG Health

For years, people have turned to CPG Health for recommendations for quality health and beauty products. Brands available from CPG Health include Spring Valley, Up&Up and Equate. Products for digestive care, oral health and beauty include Up&Up Children’s Allergy Melts, a product for kids that works like Children’s Benadryl.